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A landscape should be an extension of the home, its owner, and the neighborhood.


Professional Gardening

Do you love the look of a well-manicured landscape but hate the maintenance? Allow us to do it for you!


Whether it's maintaining your perennial garden, pruning your shrubs or designing an outdoor living space, we are honored to help you with all your landscape needs.  Ensure that the look of your landscaping always stays fresh with our high quality maintenance services, covering all aspects of your individual landscape maintenance needs.


We have maintenance plans to fit any budget.


SPRING (April-Early June)

Prune shrubs & small trees prior to leaf out, rake planting beds, check the condition of all plant materials, weed control application and apply weed control as needed.


SUMMER (Mid July to Sept)
Mid season check up, light pruning of shrubs and deadheading of perennials, weed as necessary. Planting of annuals and/or perennials, fertilize planting beds, weed as needed, prune evergreens and top dress with mulch
FALL (September & October - after HARD KILLING FROST)
Cut flower stalks off, perennials, general clean up of plants and leaves in garden beds, removal of dead annuals, plant bulbs (tulips, daffodils, crocus) if requested.


WINTER (Dec. to March)
Add winter containers, mulch gardens after ground is frozen, design gardens for spring.

Enjoy your landscape while we take care of maintaining it!




Four Seasons of Container Color.


Our lasting, custom container plantings are designed with your favorite colors, scents or textures in mind. Containers may be window boxes, hanging planters or pots of any size or shape. We use a variety of plants, stems and decorative elements for optimal satisfaction. Commercial containers are assembled with eye-catching elements to delight your clients as they approach your business entrances. Our unique designs are considerate of sunny or shady locations, ‘micro-climate’ conditions surrounding the container, and soils are adjusted for optimal moisture-retention and watering demands.
Our Seasonal Container Services program offers these options: 

Early Spring


Landscape Design

Discover the full potential of your landscape.


Every landscape project we design is unique to your lifestyle, your vision and your budget. We can start with a blank pallet or rejuvenate your existing landscape to accommodate a new patio, fire feature, retaining wall or pergola.
A well designed and healthy landscape will draw attention to your business and add real value to your home. Whether you need complete landscape rejuvenation, or simply seasonal container plantings, you’ll find the process of working with us easy, engaging, and efficient.


We will take the time to fully understand the personality of your home or business and its existing landscape through careful site evaluation. Our team will develop a landscaping plan, utilizing site visits and photographs as well as computer-aided drafting. We will meet with you throughout the design and installation process to insure your complete satisfaction. Our full color AutoCAD landscaping plans include plant and special feature photographs, schedules and details to fully outline your landscaping project.

Every home and business has its own architectural style. Every site has its own topography assets, be it a ravine, slope, wetland, lakeshore or flat prairie. At Blue Heron Landscape Design, through careful site evaluation, we will use those assets to create a design that enhances your personal needs and situation.


We serve architects, home owners, building contractors, and home builders.


We have had design experience in many types of projects from small gardens to business campuses. We have worked with home owners, architects, building contractors, both City and County departments.
Blue Heron Landscape Design values relationships with other industry professionals who share the same commitment to service and excellence as we do! We work with professionals in the following related industries:

  • Growers and Nurseries

  • Concrete pavers, Masonry, and Natural Stone

  • Irrigation

  • Landscape Lighting

  • Deck and fencing specialists

  • Pond Specialists

  • Turf Management


About Us

At Blue Heron Landscape Design, it is our goal to provide each client a unique service catered to their specific needs.


Blue Heron Landscape Design is a licensed and insured company.  We have been serving client for 20 years with personalized landscape designs and professional maintenance.


As owner and designer, Rebecca Krenik is committed to creating eye-catching environments that can be enjoy for many years. 

Her training includes:

  • Interior Design, Textile and Business degrees at MNSU Mankato, MN

  • Architectural Drafting Degree at South Central College Mankato 

  • Landscape Design at Dakota County Technical College



We also maintain a commitment to the community. We participate in these public programs:



Turn your dream into reality and start enjoying a lush landscape at your home or business. Call Blue Heron Landscape Design today!


Whether it's maintaining your perennial garden, pruning your shrubs or designing an outdoor living space, we are honored to serve you. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Blue Heron Landscape Design

1944 Howard Dr

North Mankato, MN 56033


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Blue Heron Landscape Design


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