When Looking for a Perfect showcase floor

Choose Experience

When considering an polyurea polyaspartic or epoxy installation in Minnesota, Iowa, or Wisconsin, choose experience. At Floor It, we do business the old fashioned way - each of our customers are our #1 priority. With 10 years of experience installing floors, we have seen it all, and can give you an upfront idea of what you can expect.

Your Business Image is Built

from the ground up.

Our signature floors will bring class and beauty to any establishment.

When You Want Something Special

We Can Help.

Whether you are looking for floor inlays or a fluorescent dance floor, Floor It has established itself as the guys you can come to when you have an idea that might be a little off the wall.

We specialize in out-of-box thinking that will find solutions where others won't.

When Detail Means Everything

Who Do You Call?


Need the lines in your floor to actually be straight?

We spend as much time as is necessary to ensure that your floor will meet your expectations. Even more, we spend the time necessary to ensure that all of our floors meet OUR high expectations.

Stairs, Baseboard, or Concrete Block?

Match Everything

Our product adheres to most any surface. We can pull your entire garage or floor together by covering your stairwells, concrete block, or baseboard. We are also able to add additional traction to stairs to ensure safety and beauty.

Old Counter Top Need Replacement?

Try Polyaspartic!

Save an incredible amount of time and money over granite and quartz counter tops. Our counter tops colors are totally customizable to match your color schemes. Additionally, all finished surfaces are seamless and impervious to chemicals.

What's New at Floor It:



Our newest colors that are becoming our most popular mixes. Will work with our clients to do that special combination that enhances their color scheme.

Countertop Refinishing


Old wood or formica countertop? We can refinish it with an application of our extremely durable solid paint-chip epoxy to add class and years to your countertop's life at a fraction of the price of installing new.

Floor Graphic Inlay


Our most recent addition - our graphic inlays are literally part of your floor! There is no better way to distinguish your business from your competitors and give your patrons that "Wow" factor when they step into your front door.

Minnesota & Wisconsin Polyaspartic Flooring:

Floor It, Inc specializes in polyurea polyasparticand epoxy applications not limited to just flooring. We offer a thrifty alternative to commercial tile, and a longer-lasting, more durable alternative to other garage coatings, garage floor painting, and most department-quality garage epoxy.

We utilize a polyurea polyaspartic product for almost all of our installations. Epoxy is brittle and doesn't penetrate into the concrete without a separate primer. Additionally, epoxy will be bleached out by the UV light. In our installations, we only use one product: a polyurea polyaspartic. This product penetrates deep into the concrete, is 90% more flexible than epoxy, 4 times more scratch resistant, and is highly resistant to discoloration from UV light. Finally, epoxy floors must have about a day of drying time between each coat, for a back-to-full-use timeframe of about a week. Our quick curing polyaspartic needs only 2 hours between each coat, and can receive full vehicle traffic after 48 hours.

Ceramic tile is expensive and hard to maintain, but floor ideas are hard to implement with other materials. Our applications can replicate most floor tile patterns, but we are not constrained by them.

Looking for a basement floor paint, waterproof flooring, garage floor paint, or industrial epoxy? Our product works better than waterproofing, crack sealing products, and meets most industrial saftey specifications so that your concrete floor will last longer.